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Pediatric vision screening

Paediatric vision screening

Screens as early as 6 months to 6 years of age.
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Speedy and painless test

Comprehensive and painless test

An eye examination that does not require physical contact or dilating eye drops. Suitable for a fussy or uncooperative child. See how does Eyescreen work
Photoscreening technology

Photoscreening technology

Safe and low level infrared light used in photoscreening technology
Detects common eye problems

Detects 11 common childhood eye problems

Amblyopia, Anisocoria, Astigmastism, Childhood Cataracts, Epiblepharon, Hyperopia, Myopia, Ptosis, Strabismus/Pseudostrabismus, Stereopsis, Color Deficiency.
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Instant screening report

Instant screening report

A comprehensive screening report will be available right after the test.
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Referral to ophthalmologist

Referral to ophthalmologist

Further assessment or treatment may be required if an eye defect is suspected.
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Eyescreen at a glance

^For child 3 years & above